The Magnificent GenCon Journey 2013

The Adventure Begins...

Despite being located across three states and two countries, our heroes virtually engaged the dreaded GenCon Hotel Registration beast. This monster does no physical damage, but instead causes intense emotional stress as combatants struggle against the anguishing turmoil of locating housing close enough to preserve our atrophied limbs while not requiring a King’s ransom to stay. This beast has a tremendous defensive aura and requires repeated attempts to broach its formidable firewalls. I am proud to report that DredBen gained the initiative and stepped up with a lone initial attack. His first foray succeeded in engaging the attention of the fiend while locking in what appeared to be our final destination. While Ben held its gaze steadfastly, Scott quickly cast a spell to explore other options in the area. Zeroing in on an old favorite haunt of our party, Scott received unanimous support and stealthily completed the transaction allowing Ben to disengage and flee (er…retreat). Mission accomplished!!! Housing has been secured. Our heroes now stand down and await the next encounter with the many-headed GenCon Hydra … Event Registraton.

One curious fact about the GenCon monster – successful attacks against it do NOT result in a gain of treasure. In fact, most adventurers report a significant drain in available resources as combats mount and the day of the final encounter draws near.

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