Keith the Normal

Keith is quite a run-of-the-mill guy with no outstanding characteristics whatsoever. Really, there's no need to read anymore about him. That's it. End of story.


STR – stronger than a breadbox, weaker than a refrigerator
DEX – try me in Quake III
CON – can live on trail mix and energy bars for four days straight
INT – immeasurable (or was that unmeasured?)
WIS – mostly in hindsight
CHA – remarkably handsome (to wife and children)

Possessions: a bag of dice that have rolled against orcs, dragons, werewolves, ninjas, space marines, wild west cowboys, starships, secret agents, robots, and much, much more in uncounted campaigns going back 30 years. (I think my first D&D game started in 1982-3).


Born, gamed, died (well, not quite dead yet)

Keith the Normal

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